InterTwino Project

The InterTwino project is an international project for building competence by knowledge transfer of advanced partners in the field of data enrichment and semantic interoperability for Artificial Intelligence.

General Information

The InterTwino project aims to build an excellent multidisciplinary Data enrichment and semantic interoperability for AI research group within GATE Centre of Excellence. The project involves internationally recognized researchers from the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Norwegian scientific institute SINTEF.

Project objectives 

The project has the following specific objectives: 

  • Establishment of a long-term cooperation with leading EU institutes  
  • Capacity Strengthening for Research Excellence in AI  
  • Capacity building in soft skills 
  • Accelerating scientific and professional development of ESRs  
  • Establishing a regional ecosystem and an international network of AI stakeholders  
  • Spreading excellence and disseminating knowledge